“CANAL D`OR 2015: Cameroon`s GRAMMY AWARDS” The Good, The Bad, The FUNNY

Today we had the Canal D`OR 2015 Awards in yaounde Cameroon. It was a fun couple of hours …We had our stars rallied in the same hall with Our First Lady Chantou, Minsters and many more. In pictures how it happened.
THE RED CARPET: Looks classy and well lit. Dressing of many attendees left much to desire ..but #WetinConsignMe ? 
10313567_1545160695752497_9171406491953502211_n 10991439_1058951667454100_7563515321703339735_n
            Daphne and the  Lady above though looked like the only persons who understood what a Gala night is. She looked sublime. The others dressed mostly like they were going to a wedding reception. Although Daphne I must say exposing the leg is kinda old. I love the colour of your dress though and you gots a nice body #NoHomo. Lady Ponce was in the house too..Love her hair to bits!!
 MAMA CHANTOUX As usual arrived in style, flanked by body guards. She looked very classy and her hair less scary. Although I have to say Popol is missing a flower Vase.
10413346_10152779606664001_2974760454366299623_n (1)11044571_10152779580689001_6748415028943011481_n
The guys looked Dapper in their pressed suits. 
Our Very own LADY GAGA A LA CAMEROUNAISE , Mani Bella, Mami Pala Pala brought her Pala Pala with her. I loved the colour of her dress but it was a little too simple. Her Crystal crusted boots though! Me wanted!!But hey! Its Pala Pala Woman …She is Unique in her very own way.Although I must say Hell to the Naw  to those glassees
7080_10152779584079001_6338900065102861773_n 1487417_10152779584104001_50846684876572765_n     
I loved the fact that CANAL Honoured Our Old School Musicians! Kudos to them! We should never forget the old school. The Opening Performance was by Papa Salle John. I was just glad he is still alive and looking healthy.  Although I havenet heard from him in such a looong while,  I still love and respect his work. 
But at the Award Show , I noticed he was lip-synching and BADLY! Like I commented on Facebook, the music was going left his lips were going right! Not Synching at all bro! And the Dancers too! 

Tribute was paid to some of Cameroon`s Great Musicians and other entertainers who are of blessed memory

11018326_10152779508574001_7685647589443462632_n 1508999_10152779508589001_5659744241384819384_n

Maman Franciose Foning was Also honoured in Memoriam as a great contributor. Chantal Biya sobbed at this point. Very emotional for people with emotions. My heart has since been replaced by Biscuit Bone.
11044642_10152779726954001_5618631708391851643_nMAMAN FRANCOISE TU NOUS “MANQUERONS”
The Winners In Various Categories :

11016074_10152779757764001_2080400436554887628_n 11015953_10152779986074001_5130490767442344501_n 11010981_10152779788074001_4157826545169375570_n 11006419_10152779818669001_4282934615126270401_n 11001896_10152779976279001_5896339114399283395_n 10994878_10152779966499001_480088594266981272_n 10291791_10152779894829001_8740418150635505755_n 10407790_10152779934754001_5887463782074762921_n 1506012_10152779722354001_1802356300554056193_n 551560_10152779900719001_3503614675655231909_n 18501_10152779931454001_2056592255212377882_n 19492_10152779770619001_649315334829158167_n 1958509_10152779714939001_2278972351783644223_n11046457_10152779840024001_8803568656102785829_n (1)

11043073_10152779708764001_9033279888910610457_n 11042962_10152779889809001_6153073795970652797_n

 Some funny High lights :

– Afo Akom was nominated for Best FolkLore ; He still sings?? Me I havent heard any song from this guy for like 100 yrs, or was that a political move to appease the Anglos?
– Stanley Enow Won Best New Artist and Best Urban Male .  He was well dressed in a white ensemble and I must say he is a good looking guy. Some people didint accept his win. I am like hmmmm Na which song again? I will leave the debate about who is really talented until after I have listened to #HeinPere de bout en bout! Or Should I listen to Njama Njama Cow?
11016074_10152779757764001_2080400436554887628_n Dude you need a lyricist and God his Lip Synching is got me Laughing. The rap started before his mic went to his lips…And in the middle of the song he starts tapping the head of the mic  to see if its working! Dude you dont need it cos the music is beoing played from a turn-table..lol
And to add insult to injury, he was busy chewing GUM Like a diabetic whose insulin is in chewing gum. Dude that is uncivilized and when you standing infront of notable and respectable people, you might wanna keep the gum away.

 WHY WONNA NO GIVE JOVI AWARD? Il est Bamenda et p8 Quoi? 

Canal D`Or ….IMG_185647615505880

– Tala Andre Marie was called upon to hand the Award to Stanley . He opened the envelop and READ THE NAME!! I thought he was blind? Infact this pa na VOYEUR! E supposed to coach Arsenal..LOL
There was an award for Best Artist from Central Africa. Somehow Cameroonians artists didnt figure in the list. Begs the Question, for CANAL D`OR Awards, where is Cameroon Geographically located? I concluded na ‘Stranger their Award be this” 
10991195_10152779941019001_6585174066698588616_nFlavour was not there to collect his award so the presenter presented it to himself. LOL…Chai But Flavour na better Naija boy ooh! Some babes di just see his waist shake them just Ovulate ! I hope that Cameroonian presenter hands him his Award. Our people cannot be trusted. 


11010981_10152779788074001_4157826545169375570_nMama Chantou got an Award too… For her good heart, and good will.Funny thinng is everyone got to make a short Acceptance Speech. Mam Chantou`s Award was collected by someone else and she didint utter an audible word of acceptance Speech. I am sure they were Afraid she will sound like PATIENCE JONATHAN, Naija Presi`s wife.
 The highlight of the night though : Pascal Pierre proposing to Kelly WHite, on one knee and that Kiss!At first this Kelly White presenter was supposed to present in English. She did almost the entire show in French. I am sure that kiss had something to do with it. I must say if my man kissed a woman like that and gets home, he will be kissing the Xmas Pig for a few months.
11010981_1058986544117279_4668094981266819157_n 11017540_10153711247683902_3997126149573294374_n
IS THIS FOR REAL?? If she has a BF she is screwed!!

ALL IN ALL  it was a good show. Please next time get a Life band.  I repeat GET A LIVE BAND! We have so many in all them Cabarets in town. Let the singers practice to sing live. The Lip Synching Thing  just wasnt working. KUDOS CANAL!! 



42 thoughts on ““CANAL D`OR 2015: Cameroon`s GRAMMY AWARDS” The Good, The Bad, The FUNNY

  1. T. Agbor says:

    My belle no be store,
    Ah beg leave me Afo-a-kom.
    Maybe he played a new one, any news about Takam II?

    As for Jovi, I think it boils down to the language. He’s a good artist but like we discussed the other day on facebook….his language is not attractive.


    • Terence Afo Akom should stick to making clothes . Last month one Member of Takam 2 died in an accident I think. Leaving one last one…Not sure they still sing.
      I listened to Et P8 Koi by Jovi and i didnt hear foul language. But he spoke abt pertinent things..If I pitch that agaist Njama Njama Cow…there is no comparison. Jovi needs a real PR to put him out there. And ofcourse tone down on foul language if thats is the case…


  2. Braun I wish you were there to cover this award show live! You would have saved Canal money by being both entertainment reporter and Fashion Police lol!!
    To see the 1st Lady there is a big plus. It shows that she endorses this award show and validates it even more! I’ve always liked her coz she gets it when it comes to wanting to be a part of the social media and entertianment generation and this is a very good look for CanalD’or. I won’t lie but I was highly impressed at the turnout and how everything looked almost like an Oscar show LOL! our female Lady Gaga … Hahahaha so funny! Anyway all in all great analysis and great show.
    About Jovi… He is missing out on too many opportunities. It’s not enough to only have good music or be a good artist. You must be able to bridge the gap using that music so that people would nominate Etc. Thanks Braun!


    • awww Thanks Mbole. i have thought about that too..Especially the fashion. I am not an expert but when people know you will be talking about their clothes …they will dress to impress….Next year inchallah….i will get me someone on that red carpet with a real Camera…and for other shows…lol.. The show greatly improved this year…hopefully next year they will get me a live band or better music….Lovely Show….


    • Thanks Kamer Kongossa for commenting ….I wish I could put everything up…i was commenting Live on facebook…it was interesting but I must say we have come a long way and CANAL should keep up! Detractors can go hug a transformer! In the next 5 yrs it will be the SHOW to Be!!!


  3. Braun this is a very good review! My highlights were mama Chantou presence and the “not so fake” engagement. This is the first time I am following up on these awards so no point of reference. Camers need to take style & public image more seriously! Jovi no win award, Stanley win 2 awards, Daphne e closes get brokin…et P8 koi..LOL #TrendCamer


    • Yefs it was good. LAST year was a bit horrible. The.lighting wasnt good…there were so many things going wrong and it was all mockery online…Thats hw I hot to know we had a show. But this year it was much much better….with fewer glitches…Jovi needs to get bavk to the drawing board and draw the line btw talent and marketability..Stanley has the line from market to talent but talent seems to be eluding him…He needs to improve else he will soon be in the past. Daphne had a good presentation..her songs were good ger dress very sexy and stylish….though I must say she looked like she was scared of tripping and falling on the stage….Sweety take more risks…Madonna fall last week at BRIT awards..Its no biggie


  4. Ms Jua says:

    As always, i love reading from you. I totally agree on your thoughts about Jovi. I wonder who advises him, maybe they should take these words back to him. I hope he will listen. Daphe came to show, and i really liked it, sef the broking. The show looked really nice, there are a few thing i would like to add or subtract, but overall really impressive, the very first i have seen from Pays. Where was it held?


  5. DJ Man No Run says:

    very good review. I kinda feel like the show was too political…sound was not good…stage? Wow the stage had three step downs…that’s a recipe for disaster and why the artists were cautious…presenters were horrible, cutting each other off, not sure of what to present say…but the biggest gaff was the “certificates”…that’s supposed to be mailed in or sent to artist after show cod no one should know the results before it is read except those who tallied it…well Na camer, so they knew results, printed out certificates and acted like they did not know result…but there were a lot of positives…I thin we need to get industry folks in the building next time…end rant


    • Thanks for your feedback DJ…You are right. There many gaffs but a great improvement fro. Last yr. The “Safisticates”too..must the hand it there? I am sure they didnt want to hv to go through the hassle…plus we no get cheap mailing system. I am sure they will keep.improving as they have. …


  6. Aneh says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive report!! It was the most boring thing on TV IMHO. The First Lady not speaking, is in line with her public appearances! She hardly ever makes speeches! I wonder why. As for the presenters yikes!!!! I don’t think a love affair spin is not an attention getter for a show that magnitude! If they had taken the time to rehearse, especially with the artists also, it would have been much better. Well hope next year would be better.


    • Aneh coming off of last year I think this year was much better. I think like you said there is still much room for improvement and we will get there. One step at a time. That Kiss! PR stunt that is working…..we all had sth to talk abt after the show. That was the objective and goals attained! I beg Free Mama Chantou….looool


  7. Pretty witty write-up. Love the turn out, think they can do better and will do, once they tone-down politics and become more entertainment-oriented (friendly). Well, Chantou never speaks, it woulda been a surprise if she did. People, there are great Anglophone, otherwise English-speaking emcees in pays, just get’em to do the job! I won’t get into the team Stanley/Jovi battle! I’m on the team #greatcamerentertainment ! I think Jovi is a cool person and a great artist. I wonder why his PR is lagging. Stanley has great following, which I suppose has something to do with the kind of music he makes. It was great to have the first Lady there. Like you said, lip-synching is a no no. Give the artists the platform to be really professional. Ahead ahead


  8. jsaji says:

    Amazing review! I just subscribed to your blog and I’m certain I’ll enjoy every single read!
    Concerned about one line in this write-up though…”…he was busy chewing GUM Like a diabetic whose insulin is in chewing gum”… I guess that line(and any future lines) could use a different analogy which does not allude to people dealing with any kind of chronic health issue… Keep up the good work!


    • Thx for stopping by jsaji. Will be more sensitive next time. I do understand the plight of Diabetic patients and do not mean to.minimize their suffering in anyway….in case u understood it that way. God Bless


  9. Arrey- Echi says:

    First time I am stopping by and I really love what I read. Wished I didn’t switch off the TV when It all started thanks to this review will be watching out for next year God Willing. Ya belleh no be really store you say it as you see it for real. Keep the good work.


  10. Bongnkar yange says:

    Awesome review; felt like i watched the show life Braunhill your analysis are just amazing. thanks for making laugh all morning


  11. J says:

    Thanks for the info. Andre LMAO oh my days.
    There goes an anglophones job down the drain. So this girl had to speak in English Kelly White. Some people have no shame. Mtchew.
    I find Hein Pere an arrogant artist and don’t even like his songs or comprehend.
    I doubt there was a rehearsal.
    Magasco oh my days love his song Kumba Market
    Jovi – Cash
    I hope they got good PR. I think that’s what Stanley has.


    • Yes J. U got that right. Stanley has MTN marketting behind him. And Guiness as well. You need that kind of partnership to get popular and they dont care abt talent. As long as the kids are wailing and pay8ng to come listen to nursery school rhymes..#WetinConsignDem


  12. Drico says:

    love ur anlysis.u are just on point.for grammy u see e fans wail when them call a winner,but for canal dor we had vip fans,no shouting when mama shantou de house.
    see how karese fotso bi di laugh stanley enow …eesh bayangi them with pride.Jovi has been consistent n .a real artist with multiple hits to his credit.stanley enow will fade out soon n all those companies will drop him, of caurse u all should now they work with stars of e moment.
    x malaya dedicated their awards to our soldiers fighting boko haram.see humility.how them no go go far,


    • You are spot on Drico…especially on the VIP crowd..lol…I wish Stanley Enow well and hope he actually gets out of the bubble and make sth good b4 they drop him….XMaleya are actually helping othe local artists to get some spot light . I love those guys..


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