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Pearls of Our Lives

How many of us go through life thinking we have to solve all our problems?

How many of us are scared to ask for help, for whatever reasons?

How many of us think asking for help is a sign of weakness?

How many of us don’t want others to say they helped us?

So many reasons why we fail to avoid simple stumbling blocks,

mistakes that delay and derail us. Asking for help is a sign that

you are ready and willing to grow as fast as you can, and that

you are confident and secure enough to not care what others

might think.

DP 20

You have a lot to gain by seeking those who are

doing something you want to do. Be prepared to return the

favor to those who need you some day, it’s a cycle of kindness

& wealth. Seek help, seek mentors, and if you don’t find…

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4 thoughts on “DO YOU NEED HELP?

  1. Mah Mekolle is simply the best! I cant wait to attend an event where she is the Motivational speaker! Going back to your blog post, seeking help should not equate to failure. It shows maturity and accpetance on ones self. Africans in general do not like to seek professional help for reasons you mentioned in this blog such as weakness and failure. We need to keep our pride behind us. Nice topic Braun!


    • You can say that again. We need to re-visit our tradition forms of psychotherapy and see how these speakers and psychiatrists can better help us. Our people are how they are . They would rather die than talk to a shrink. That has to change….


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