Should Beneficiaries of State Scholarships be forced to return home and Work/Contribute to building the economy?

So I am a beneficiary of a SINO-Cameroon Scholarship to study in China. That`s how I found myself studying maths and physics and computer sciences in Chinese. How did I do that ? Topic for another day. I will tell you all about the suicides, the students going crazy and how I managed to survive the harsh winters, subtle racism and the language you barely understood.

After Graduation we all went to different destinations: I got Admitted for a master`s program, my scholarship was renewed but I chose to use my savings to sponsor myself for my Cisco training. I later got a Job in China training network engineers then after passing my CCIE, moved to work in Nigeria. ( In all fairness, MTN was loking to hire me to work in Cameroon but I wasnt keen) . Azobi moved to Europe and I am not sure where the others went.

One thing I am sure of is there was no obligation for us or any of the batches that came before or after us to move back to our country and contribute towards its development as a means for repayment or gratitude for the opportunities we were offered through scholarship.

I know there were scholarships awarded to students to study in Europe, America, Latin America etc .I might be wrong but I never heard of any of such scholarships having as a condition that you must return home and work for a period of time before leaving. It was always a shocker when schoolmates from North KOrea , Japan, Thailand etc usually said their scholarships often required them to move back home. Some of my friends actually had to go back and join the army for some military services etc.

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Does this laisser-faire attitude for African countries esp Cameroon adversely affect its ability to stop the brain drain, retain skilled labor needed for the economic devt and drastic improvements ? If the scholarships had a clause to ensure students returned how will the state enforce this? Will the returnees be guaranteed jobs? is it too late to start calling those guys to come back ?

Abeg make person no call my number! I have worked in Cameroon for almost 2 years before leaving, trained quiet a few guys and mentored many. I have paid my debt to society! All the Same : WE THANK THE HEAD OF STATE 😂😂

Ex-Wife of former DG of ENAM to pay him 5Million FCFA as compensation for cheating on him!!

Spouses in Cameroon have to pay for adultery? Jesus hold my whiskey!!

The former Director General of Enam, MENDJANA, allegedly wins his case for his divorce and his wife must pay him 5 million FCFA for adultery!!!!

It is alleged that , his wife, who was a magistrate, had left Cameroon without saying a word to her husband and was living an open romantic relationship in Europe. Frolicking and Gyrating and catching them orgies and double Oses with the Boyses in the bushes! 😂

A civil servant, she continued to receive her salary for several months although she was absent from her post in Cameroon. She recently returned to the country after some problems with her lover. The Court of First instance in Mfoundi granted the divorce with her husband, anddemanded she pay him 5 million FCFA for her adultery!! . A liquidator has also been appointed for the liquidation of their joint estate.

If this verdict is true, it begs the question : Was the man faithful to her while she was in Europe? If he has been unfaithful is he required to pay her compensation too? Or na man wey first report the palaba feck wey dem go compensate am? Affaire tres tres serieux!

In case you were wondering, according to the Penal Code of Cameroon Adultery as a crime punishable by law. In fact :

Cameroon’s parliament voted on Wednesday for the country’s penal code to punish men and women for adultery under equal terms. Though adultery was already a criminal act for both genders, the penal code previously punished [AP report] women for committing any adulterous act while only punishing men for adultery committed in the home or “habitually elsewhere.” The adjusted law charges adulterers with two to six months jail time or fines of up to about $175. The changes were pushed by  Paul Biya [official profile] and are expected to be supported by both the president and the senate moving forward. Source :

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Just based on this law, we can quiet frankly throw almost the entire country into jail and swallow the key.

If na me that mammy, I no di pay no money until Pa prove say e too no share e boboloh for outside. This matter will end at the senate . Small fecks wey mammy fecks dem want make e commot 5batons ! Mekde! 😂😂

Will This Law encourage Cameroonian Spouses, especially those who are constantly complaining ( and praying) over philandering husbands to pursue them with the full wrath of the law? Atleast even to get some compensation?

I doubt it! But Interesting to know it exists and not gender biased.

Does Gervais Mendo Ze Deserve to die in Jail or Has he already paid for his crime?

Following rumors he is dying, a video was recently circulated of the octegenarian loooking frail and a shadow of himself. He was being fed what looked like medication by someone. He looks all bone and little flesh . See the Video here.

Mendo Ze in recent video looking frail in jail

While many have expressed their indignation and outright anger at the treatment of this former ‘statesman” as they call him, quite a number of voices have boldly said ” he deserves the hostile treatment he is receiving. After all the Devil Will Always End up Devouring even its most adept worshippers.

Professor Gervais Mendo Ze is a well known supporter of the Biya Regime and praise-singer of Paul Biya and the evil regime that has held Cameroon ( LRC & SC) hostage for over 40 years.

Before going to jail , Mendo Ze was Director General of the CRTV , national Radio and TV network and praise and worship machine of the CPDM and Biya-regime. He also served as mouth-piece of the government until 2005. He not only praised and worshipped Biya, he made sure the National TC corp, partly funded by an obligatory CRTV-tax deducted from the pay of every Cameroonian, is used as a CPDM propaganda machine. Then he mad a faux pas! And the same system he has worked for years to satisfy and maintain in place to the detriment of his fellow man, swallowed him whole!

Honestly I forget why he even was sent to jail and how long he`s been there. Something about embezzlement. But that begs the question : why him and not all the others? Was it a settling of scores of some sort? Why was he particularly targetted? For those who feel pity for him and claim he has paid his debt to society : What is his debt to society valued at ? When and HOW did he pay his debt to society? Did he return the stolen money ? Did his jail term permit him to work and pay back?

Pr Mendo Ze in jail.

While allowing him to die in jail doesnt in anyway benefit the lay man , many believe it sets an example for others not to attempt the same schemes or commit same crimes as him . But then again does it ? If locking up embezzlers of state funds scared people into not stealing funds , how come Atangana Kouna is in jail?

Some may say, the money he stole isnt your money, so to hell with life sentences. Oh yes it is your money! When your family members die on bad roads, have no good schools, babies die in hospitals with no incubators, teachers cant get paid, patients die for lack of medical equipment or insurance coverage, heck when you cant find jobs….Its all because the money meant for these things is sittting in some fat bank account with no trace.

Most proponents of his release are not only sympathetic to the old man and his current shocking state of decline , they also insist its his human right as a prisoner to be provided treatment by the state when ill and in jail. They insist the taxpayers from whom he alledgedly stole have to foot his medical bills and even fly him out of the country for expert medical attention : a service the taxpayers cant afford even as hardworking and taxpaying law-abiding citizems. Lass-lass, this life no balance on top scale at all!!

Those who couldnt care any less insist he should serve his full term and die in jail. For all they care, He merits no pity and no preferential treatment. When he was singing Assimba eeenh and praising the Lion of Etoudi, he didnt think one day that same monster will come for him. Besides there are many prisoners , especially innocent anglophone men and women, languishing in jail for no crimes committed and even dying chained to their beds . Why should a state thief get any better treatment?

What do you think? should he be set free out of pity or allowed to rot in jail?

Update on 23 Mar 21:00GMT : Apparently the Lion of Etoudi has granted Gervais Mendo Ze his freedom. Left to be seen if he will be released. Atangana Kouna was also granted freedom na….he still isnt free!

What I did when I was touched inappropriately on a Bus in Cameroon

This story so i go write am na for Pidgin!

“I be still be na student ooh! I commot SOA say make I go visit my small brother for UB. I don take bus from Yaounde go Douala then take bus from Douala now di go Buea .

We shidon inside bus we 5 for back.Some mammy shidon for the window. Some Pa shidon next to him, e girl pikin ( she should have been about 9 or 10yrs old) shidon next to Pa, Some boy in his twenties shidon next to that pikin then me I shidon next to window. This one be be na my first time for go Buea so I no be even know wosai we dey. My only prayer be be na say make we reach quick quick make man commot inside this hot uncomfortable bus

As Bus di go , people don tire di sleep sleep, I notice say that girl pikin so-so shift. Place too be don start dark so light no dey inside bus. I no di see me clearly why the pikin so so shift, so so shake! I no bother me because the bus be first uncomfortable , then them don pack we again like sardine.

As journey di go, ah ah! That girl pikin so so shift again! When e shift , e go push that boy for my corner, that boy too go lean towards me. Me too i go push e back! badluck! I fiver pillow? I go want shidon , that pikin go push that boy again, e go shift towards me, then a few minutes later e go mkove back…mCHEW!!

We reach some point, That Pa and e girl pikin commot from bus. So na we 3 now remain for we seat! I lean my head for window di dose me off small small. i want hear, some hand slowly touch my lap. I turn look am , na that boy next to me. I push e hand turn sleep me back. I want see e put the hand again. My Timber just rise! I now realise say na thing that wey e be don di do for that small girl pikin, the pikin di be uncomfortable di push e.. And e poor papa shidon for corner no even notice!! My ANger double!

Infact I tell myself say eenh ” Calm down for Jesus, this boy no know say e don touch house for manawa!! I leave the hand for place wey e dey. As I be wear na skirt wey broking dey for the front. So as i leave the hand, e feel say na sign of encouragement. Old boy put the hand inside the broking, start slowly slide am up my thigh. I no cough. I just open my handbag remove my handerchief hold am. Then start remove coin dem inside my bag di put am inside the handkerchief.

As bus reach some place enter pot hole, bus shake all we jump for air, e remove the hand. As ride smooth again, mangai bring the hand again. This time my timber be don rise pass boiling point. But I say enh….this Buea boy dem surely no know say I commot na SOA. I don smoke banga wey I no buy nkwandang!! This idiot go confirm code today!

I gather all that coin them for my bag wrap am inside head for that handkerchief tie the head fine. Double the knot e tight! As that hand rise up my thigh again, I adjust my skin,…..WHIP! that boy e eye with that handerchief wey coins dey for the head! E want halla say waaaaiiii!! I whip e head! Just di whip am in all directions ontop e head! Ontop wey na first korobo! As my temper di rise na the more I di whip e head! E bend down hold e eye, I push e whip e head! Just di whip am blindly!

UN opens office in Buea to assist crisis afflicted persons - Journal du  Cameroun

That Mammy start shout say driver people di fight inside bus ooh!! Stop bus ooh! Driver say make them wait when e reach street light e go stop! E no want stop for dark!

That mammy want halla say ma pikin na wetin ? WOnna di fight na wetin ? I tell mamy say this boy shidon for here so di put e hand them inside people their skirt! People HALLA!! Driver see first street light stop say make that boy commot!! Commot inside my bus before e meet up you for backdey! That boy jump down stand under that light! Na for dey them see that ndong dem for e head and e eye all man halla!! Some people scatter laugh!! Say di girl you knack e na with wetin ndong dem commot for e head so??

I show them that handkerchief! That mammy say CORRECT GIRL!! You shidon inside this bus check na wetin sotay make weapon??

I dont know what came over me. But I Do know that guy will think twice before trying that nonsense again .

( As told By My Sister)

Have You Ever Been Touched/Treated Inappropriately or sexually harrassed While In Public Transport? Share Your Story! Someone might learn from it !

What Should I do when I try to patronize a friend`s struggling business and mine almost gets ruined?

You are a good swimmer and sometimes take calculated risks.. You see someone who is still trying to swim. They jump into the water and are struggling. Next thing you know they are flapping their arms , going in and out of water, as the waves fling them upwards then dash them downwards again. You know an accident is about to happen. You jump in, trying to help them get back ashore. Then they grip onto you so tight you cant swim. And you cant save them either. Next thing you know you both are struggling for air. You cant get them to let go! Am I about to die now, you ask? who first send me ? When all you wanted to do was help.

In the first case, I needed to rent a new house really quick. My house at the time needed serious renovation works and I had agreed with my landlord it would be best we move out so he can do all the renovation works before the rains started. We didint have the luxury of time so I sent out an advert in my networks for real estate agents to get me something.

A friend and recommended her Sister who was just starting out in real estate business. She had set-up her office ( quiet professional I must say) and was in search of her first gig. That was the first time I was hearing of a female Real estate agent ( In these parts the field is almost fully dominated by men and they have a network that`s hard to break into) . When I met her, she was nice and explained her troubles and how difficult it was for her to work in her domain where the men usually share info about available properties amongst themselves. Landlords to being mostly men dont help the situation.

I decided, I will be her first gig, against the advice of my partner. I gave her my conditions, got her. to visit my home so she sees the type of accomodation I like and the regions I would love to live in. I also told her I was looking to buy a house as well. That is in the long run but she should take both gigs. Get me a place to rent sharp sharp then go find me a place to buy.

2 months down the line , not only had she not shown me One listing that matched my requirements, she barely updated or cared. I had to be calling and chasing her. My landlord was fast losing his patience as the rains had started. If I stick with this woman, I will lose my good relationship with my landlord, probably with my friend too, lose money and still not be able to get a house. The funniest part of it all was when we met to look at the one and only property she showed me , it wasnt in the part of town I wanted to live in, was crap and not inhabitable. Then she said oh ur skin looks smooth. I am selling kernel oil, 1000 a bottle. I am like, you will leave a thousand dollar commission to offer me 2 dollar minyanga? I decided she wasnt serious.

To cut a long story short, I switched back to the guys I usually use. Within 2 weeks I was moving into a new home.

I always try to support friends and family`s business, especially businesses run by women. But often times I have been disappointed at some of their lacklustre attitudes. I still give friends and family benefit of the doubt. Even though I am always on the edge for fear of getting burnt.

Supporting your own may sometimes mean, you jump in the ring and fight some battles with them. It may mean you get to settle for lesser customer satisfaction.It may mean you advance the money to help them manage cash flow issues. And even Make do with some missed appointments. But does it have to be this way? And is it worth the risk?

Will you put your business or needs at risk or lower priority because you are trying to help or support a friend? How can we get the people we want to support to provide us quality service so we dont have to go to their competition?

Walking With Warriors

Walking with Warriors.

I Must Confess I had one of such conversations yesterday. After jogging 12km, I was about to just feast on Netflix but one phone call had my brain back in warrior mode.

And I enjoyed every minute of it. I am  honoured and I must say lucky to always meet people in my path who are smart but goofy like myself, want to share their knowledge but never sound cocky and always ready to make a change and positive impact, no matter how small.

If You Dont have that kind of company , you may be sitting with sitting ducks.

Maybe its Time to Change or Enrich your network?

Cameroonian workers sue Swedish Employer

About 10 Cameroonian workers in Sweden are suing their employer for fraud claiming they had been duped into working for no other words..duped right back into slavery.


Basi the plaintif and his lawyer

I feel sorry for these guys but always ask myself why people fall for these traps? Same people who will not agree to plant trees for a living in Cameroon will hop on a plane to go plant trees in Sweden in the harsh winter.

And end up in human trafficking circuits, or worst still being treated as slaves who work for little or no pay.

And to make matters worse they always seem to have borrowed large sums of money from home to make these bogus trips. Why not invest that money at home in a small business???

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Commercial rice farming empowers Cameroon women

When growing up, I remember Ndop Rice was considered rice for the poor. We only wanted to eat imported albeit tasteless rice from China.

I cant express how overjoyed I am knowing that the Rice production business has grown imto industrial levels in Ndop and women are getting wealth from this.


The Cameroon constitution gives women and men equal rights to access land. Even though traditions and customary laws tend to limit the access for women, these hv been great improvements and today women
Like 52 year old Mary Ngoh can farm up to 15 hectares of land. She produces enough rice to feed her family and export the rest,making her one of the few wealthy women in her community.

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The SDO of Mfoundi entrain de Coller La Petite!!!

While the DO of Mifi in Bafoussam has banned the viral song ” #CollerLaPetite by Franco, his colleague , the Do abi na SDO of Mfoundi in Centre Province is getting himself somw warmth and body contact from the same song . These ENAM graduates……They never learn anything. Concentrate on doing a good job to advance the countri..Wonna say ngang!!!!


By the way MTN is proposing same song as ringtone for phones…You better not get a phone call from the DO of Mifi….😂😂😂😂

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15 Interesting Facts about Africa.

1. The Gambia has only one University
2. South Africa is the most Visited African Country
3. Nigeria has the richest black people in Africa
4. A person from Niger is called a Nigerien
5. Samuel Eto’o is the highest paid footballer of all time when he was receiving £350,000 weekly in Russia back in 2011
6. Nigeria has won more football trophies than England.
7. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is the world most educated president with 7 degrees of which two are Masters
8. Al-Ahly of Egypt is the richest club in Africa
9. Didier Drogba is Chelsea ‘s all time highest goal scorer in European competitions


10. Johannesburg is the most Visited city in Africa
11. Zinedine Zidane wanted to play for Algeria but the selector rejected him, saying they have many players like him
12. President Jacob Zuma was given a special award by FIFA for refereeing a match at Robben Island during his days as a political Prisoner.
13. Nigeria has the highest number of monarchs in the world.
14. Africa is larger than China, USA, India, Mexico and a big part of Europe combined
15. Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish speaking country in Africa….

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